About Paper Straw

Paper Straw is a blog about sustainable finance, born out of concern we are not doing enough. And that even if we did, most of us wouldn’t have a way to tell, because of how convoluted this issue is. There are two areas this blog will focus on, hopefully sharing some interesting thoughts and insights along the way:

Firstly, the business practice of sustainable finance (from ESG to impact investing). Retaining a dose of healthy scepticism, this blog will be taking a close look at the extent and scale to which this concept can influence behaviour of financial institutions and the way capital is deployed.

Secondly, this blog will synthesise and present some of the critique of the macroeconomic paradigm that underpins our understanding of the nature of economic growth. Abstract as it may seem, this is what drives the policy and regulatory response to the risk of environmental collapse. In short, what have we done since 1974, when Limits to Growth were published?

The aim is to cut through some of the noise, raise questions and capture new developments, good and bad. With the depth of academic research and analysis available on both topics, this site can serve as a useful resource and starting point for those with an interest in sustainable finance, but whom – like the Author – often find the concept vague and riddled with contradictions.

About the Author:

Not a banker or a trader, nor an economist or an accountant. Worked in different capacities with all of the above, in firms big and small. Done a responsible investments course to get the lingo and concept of sustainable investments right. Political scientist by background and soon to be father (which extended timescales he considers relevant).

Finally, all analyses and opinions expressed here are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of my employers – past, present or future.

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